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FACT 1 - Successful businesses use specialists to look after non fee earning business

Whilst you are busy rustling through your finances matching receipts and invoices with the relevant bank statement who is taking care of your customers and who is out there attracting more clients?  Your competitors perhaps?

FACT 2 -You will make profit if your income is greater than your expenditure

If you are busy looking after clients and trying to attract new business it is easy to forget the importance of logging your finances.  Sooner or later your financial control will start to slip and you may find your money is leaving the business faster than it's coming in.

FACT 3 - A good account will generally cover their costs with the money you save

A good accountant will ensure that they are up to date on changes in legislation that affect your company accounts.  They will be aware of expenditure that you can and can not off set against tax. Their ultimate aim is to ensure you save money and operate a profitable business.

Leaving your finances in the capable hands of a good accountant will:

  • Allow you to focuss on generating more income for your business
  • Highlight if a client hasn't paid an invoice on time
  • Enable you to make sound business decisions since you will know whether you can afford that extra investment or not
  • Stop you receiving an unexpected tax bill
  • Ensure you get the maximum tax benefits available
  • ....... help you have a good nights' sleep knowing that there is one less thing for you to worry about

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